Day 2: 07-13-17 – Ride to Tortuguero, Stop to Sample Fruit

After leaving the Hotel La Rosa de America, today’s trip (Day 2 after students arrived) was spent making the long bus ride to Tortuguero, but with a stop to sample fruit along the way, and learn about the amazing fruits that Costa Rica has to offer.  After the fruit sampling, we finished our journey, and took the fun boat ride to the village of Tortuguero.  Once students had lunch, and got settled in their rooms, we made a visit to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, for a 2 hour lecture on marine turtles, and conservation efforts going on in Tortuguero.  It was an amazing talk, with students learning about the dangers marine turtles face, the marine turtle tagging and tracking being done by the STC, and ways everyone can protect marine turtles to prevent them from becoming endangered.  It was an informative time spent together, and students will be going tomorrow night to hopefully see a marine Green turtle nesting.  See the next post for updates on that!

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